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As the Vietnamese economy is rapidly growing and expanding into an international market, the need for professional and sound advice becomes increasingly important for both local and foreign business. Responding to that need, Vietbid was formed in early 1994 by a group of young professional consultants who previously worked for various consulting firms, government and private institutions. Vietbid, as the name implies, is sharing in the bid to promote the growth of Vietnam.

Vietbid is formed with a cross-culture business perspective. It takes on many of the Western qualities in business culture, such as the professionalism, entrepreneurship, management quality, and punctuality at the same time, it maintains Oriental values which have brought economic success throughout Asia, such as dedication and resiliency.

Vietbid’s consultants, with differing backgrounds, have extensive knowledge and experience, both in public and private sectors. Some have strategic links with the development authorities of Vietnam, and many of them have experience in advising private business. They also maintain a close connection with people and project outside the country.

To further our development, and in an effort to streamline our organization to provide higher quality, more efficient and professional services, Vietbid was reorganized in   into two     independent profit centres, namely:
Vietbid Law Firm
Vietbid  Consulting Co.,Ltd

As a group, Vietbid has been active in writing for both national and international professional publications.
National journals and magazines with Vietbid contributions are:
- Vietnam Investment Review
- Vietnam’s Law and Legal Forum
- Vietnam Economic Times
- Business Forum
International journals and magazines with Vietbid contributions are:
- International Tax review (London)
- East Asian Executive Report (New York)
- Vietnam Business Journal (New York)
- Vietnam Business News (Singapore)
- Intellectual Property Worldwide (new York)
- Computer Law Bulletin (Fairfax)
- Asian Commercial law Review (London)
- International Trade Law Review (London)
- Pacific Economic Outlook (PECC, San Francisco)

As a reflection of our active contribution, Vietbid has been selected as Vietnam’s Country Correspondent for several international journals, including the Asian Commercial Law Review  and the Computer Law Bulletin.
Vietbid has been active also on several community and Pro Bono activities. For example, our Vietbid Law Firm’s staffs are responsible for answering legal queries on the “Tri Tue Vietnam” (Vietnamese Intelligence), the largest Intranet computer communication network in Vietnam. This is a free of charge service to any one connected to the network. Another example is our Q&A services in Business forum, a weekly of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI).

Over the years, Vietbid’s performance, and its staff, were featured or interviewed in several international publications, notably the Manager (Thailand), Scientist (UK), Australian Financial Time (Australia), Industry and Higher Education (UK), Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Business (Hong Kong), Telecom Financing Week (Australia), World Paper and The New York Times (US).

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